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INDIA is one of the planet's most multidimensional countries, presenting a wildly diverse spectrum of travel encounters.

Our Mission

Why Tour Operator

Your Travel Agent is your expert in the Travel Industry. This expertise cannot be provided by an internet site or an airline. A travel agent can tailor your travel plans to your individual, family or business needs. Our personal experience offers insight into all facets of the travel industry including hotels and resorts, airports, airlines, entry requirements and insurance needs.

Once you book your tour with travel agent, you know that he is someone whom you know in case of emergency in that country and is aware of all the destinations you are visiting. He takes the responsibility on personal level to cater to your taste, special interest and requirements and can arrange everything in advance so that you do not have to face any problems.

He looks after your security, safety and well being all the time. He advice you the all the key aspect needed to be noted before visiting a particular destination and also undertakes all the measure to give you a memorable tour experience.

Why Trail Blazer Expeditions

We are working in the industry for more than 10 years successfully. Our team is ready 24 x 07 to assist our guest and providing the unsurpassed level of services. "We are , where you need us "is the line on which we work for every single guest. Testimonials of our regular guest tells all the story.

We believe that the world should be like home for everyone wherever he/she goes. Exchanging culture, meeting, interacting and learning with each other makes that happen and which country show you "Unity in Diversity" better than India?

Further, We are the proud owners of our own Camp Ville in Manali where we offer different adventure activities with lots of fun & knowledge. We are happy to be the DMC (Destination Management Company) for TOFT Travel Operators for Tigers, a worldwide association working towards the conservation of Tigers educating & training the local communities